Don and Claudine D., Glendora CA

"We were both recently retired and determined that our present method of maintaining an optimal healthy lifestyle was not meeting our expectations. We knew we had to do something, but we were uncertain of the changes needed. We discovered Heart Fit (on our way to the bakery) and discussed our goals and health issues with the owner, Jordan Nichols. Claudine had intermittent back pain increased by various activities. Don has multiple sclerosis and faces issues with strength, coordination, balance and stamina. Our experiences with the standard packaged workout classes and equipment was that they were counter-productive. Jordan's academic training, years of practical experience and on-going continuing education enables him to provide a superior and challenging program tailored for each of us. His expertise and professional gym equipment are far above what you will find at most fitness centers. He stresses a dynamic approach to structuring our training program modifying it continuously to meet our changing needs and levels of improvement. The program incorporates weight control (a decrease of over 10% in weight resulting in our BMIs now in the low normal range), strength building, stamina, cardio, balance and coordination. We highly recommend Jordan and his team of experts. The experience will exceed your expectations".

Jordan Nichols