Jason W., San Dimas CA

"I offer up the fact that I am now in what may be the best shape of my 50-something years with a shrunken waistline ( lost 38 lbs and 4 pants sizes) and well-defined arms, my knees and shoulders are pain free and I haven't been this flexible since high school.

Last fall I convinced myself that to really get into the shape I wanted to be in, I needed a personal trainer. I had let myself go by late night snacking and unhealthy eating. Jordan got me on track and got me more than I bargained for as well. Jordan's attention to detail, completely personalized workouts and thoroughness will get you where you want to be - if you hold up your end of the deal as well - i.e. eliminating bad habits and proactively following his dietary advice. His space is very clean, well run and is a joy to work with. This has been the best experience I have had with fitness training and would never consider going to an "average" gym again. I couldn't give a higher recommendation."

Jordan Nichols