Fat, Sick and Tired


Think about your family and close friends and ask yourself how many of them have diabetes, cancer, heart disease and infertility. It is amazing how many people are affected by health conditions that can be linked to poor nutrition. This generation of children is the first generation in modern history that will not be as healthy as their parents. In fact according to the University Of Columbia School Of Public health, if things continue at their current pace half of Americans will be obese by the year 2030. There will also be an additional 6.8 million cases of stroke and heart disease, 7.8 million cases of diabetes and 539,000 cases of cancer, which could place an extra $66 billion burden on the nation's healthcare bill, according to the research. So what can be done?

The fact is there isn’t any political will to change things because there are too many vested interests to keep things the way they are. There simply is no money in being healthy yet millions are made off of those that are sick. Health insurance companies are making hundreds of millions of dollars off their clients that are unhealthy. It is a simple fact that they need people to be unhealthy to stay in business.  We have these food companies making billions off the garbage that we poison ourselves with everyday. The drug industry is making billions off us being unhealthy and now we have a national health care outrage with the explosion of Type 2 Diabetes in children as young as six years old. You just don't wake up one morning and say oh now I have Type 2 Diabetes; you gave it to yourself from poor eating habits and being overweight/sedentary for many years. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), more than one third of all children and half of all minorities born after the year 2000 have Type 2 Diabetes. We have all been brainwashed into believing that a high carb low fat diet is how we are supposed to eat to get healthy. Ever since the low fat high carb diet became the norm for our society the obesity rates have exploded. There has been a push to try to get grains off the food pyramid for years but the lobbyist will never let that happen because there is just too much money in the grain industry. Promoting grains in our diet is the same as promoting obesity. For some reason it is very hard for us to accept the fact that carbohydrates make us fat not fat itself. Saturated fats in organic raw dairy are absolutely vital for your health not to mention you feel full for longer periods of time do to the slow absorption and lack of insulin being produced internally. Low fat diets are unhealthy because they are pasteurized, high in fructose (which will be stored as fat around your waistline) and lacking vital nutrients you need for optimal health. In 18 years when the obesity rate is half the population and insurance premiums are half your salary don’t worry the government will change the food pyramid once again but this time it will still tell you to eat more whole grains and less fat and America will just keep getting bigger and bigger. We have to stop using the false excuse that we are feeding mankind with the overproduction of corn and wheat when in fact we are starving mankind. We also need to stop outsourcing farming decisions to corporate board rooms thousands of miles away that do not have to live with the consequences of their decisions. You can pay the local organic farmer or pay the doctor the decision is yours.

Jordan Nichols