Celebrity Bubble Gum Workouts


More than ever marketing has completely overtaken science we are constantly bombarded with advertisements with the newest secret workouts that somehow have figured some new ground breaking way to lose weight. We have uneducated celebrity trainers on Television using a huge platform to push these silly “Muscle Confusion” programs that somehow achieve better results than proven scientific training. These silly programs all achieve the same thing and that are they completely ignore the application of functional anatomy to training which is understanding how the body works and applying that knowledge to a fitness program which is just incompetent and lazy. Nothing has gotten more out of hand than the marketing of kettle bell training and vibration training.

Kettle bell training for those that are not accustomed to it is these cannon balls with a handle connected to them that are making a huge comeback. This new amazing scientific break thru has been around for hundreds of years but because of the marketing machine are the next new thing to burn calories and lose weight. The primary purpose of kettle bell training is to improve movement efficiency and enhance performance, we want to move well and transfer energy well. Here lies the problem we don’t move very well! Unfortunately the exercises that are taught by these videos and unqualified fitness instructors will do more damage than good. We are all a sedentary population now; rarely do I find someone without any mobility and stability restrictions. These movements demand people to move their hips independently of their spine to have full hip extension and gluteal contraction rarely can the average person achieve this and this always leads to what is called energy leaks or inefficient movements. When energy is not going into the direction of movement micro trauma will take place. That energy will go into shear and irregular forces and add unwanted tension into tendons that shouldn’t be supporting and joints that shouldn’t be gliding or twisting which will result in plantar fasciatis, knee tendonitis, low back pain and neck trigger points. Kettle bell training is an extremely effective form of exercise when you stay true to movement quality first!

There is quite a bit of misinformation out there on the benefits of vibration training which is platforms that vibrate, and one of them is that this form of training will somehow reduce your cellulite. The great thing about vibration training is that it gets your body to reflex and fire our stabilizers without having you even think about it. Everything about core stability is reflex stabilization, vibrating your body will stimulate mechano receptors in the joint and muscle spindle which will enhance the movement you are trying to work on. Take for example a ten yard sprint, during this short burst of energy you will engage your prime movers first stabilizers second. Vibration training will get you to fire your stabilizers first which will establish better alignment and a better axis at the joint which of course means increased strength, power and efficiency. By firing the prime movers of our body after our stabilizers they will appear stronger and move with less effort because the stabilizers did their job effectively. When you watch these shows on television watch them for what they are and that is entertainment! And not the path you need to follow in order to achieve your objectives and fitness goals!

Jordan Nichols