Stacey C., Pasadena CA

"Having begun to notice the irreversible signs of aging in myself I started to realize why, as people age, they often start on a downward spiral.  Flexibility, stability, balance, and strength were all declining and I began to move in ways that I felt would protect me from injury.  In reality, I knew that this would only accelerate the decline and make me more prone to serious problems.  After having worked unsuccessfully with undereducated trainers from the "big box" gyms, I knew I didn't want to take that route again.  Two years ago I very fortunately found myself in conversation with a 75 year old woman who had Jordan Nichols as her trainer.  On her recommendation I began working with Jordan, owner of Heart Fit.  I have learned, not only how to exercise, but that my body is capable of far more than I ever knew was possible.  I found myself wishing that I had such training and encouragement earlier in my life.

While Jordan has stressed flexibility, stability, and core strength, most exercises are multifunctional and include a strength training component.   After one year of working with Jordan, my bone density went from osteopenia to normal in two of three places tested and improved at the third site.  Now, after two years of working with Jordan, I am extending the distance range for my cycling and plan to celebrate my 70th birthday by completing my 3rd century.

With his solid education in physiology, his continued training and education with physical therapists and trainers, and his own work as a triathlete, Jordan knows how to get results that are needed for peak physical health at any age.  He has experience training everyone from elite athletes to those recovering from injury to people wanting to still achieve as much physical fitness as is possible as they age.  I have no reservations in recommending Jordan and his facility.

Jordan Nichols