Susan Shibuya, N.D., Adjunct Professor, Departments of Education & Liberal Studies, University of La Verne

"I am in no way connected to the Heart Fit business except to be very grateful for the help I have received there.  After an athletic injury I went to Heart Fit and received a very accurate assessment of the imbalance that led to my injury.  I signed up to train with Jordan Nichols both to rehab and to prevent future injuries.  My husband was so impressed with the great training I was receiving that he joins me now for once a week hour long training sessions and Jordan has inspired us to continue with his plan between sessions in his very well equipped gym.  We've both experienced benefits far beyond those that resulted from physical therapy for specific issues as well as balanced joint stabilization, flexibility, strength, and aerobic training.  Our sessions are worth way more than Jordan is charging us.  We feel VERY fortunate to have found him.  He's the best kept secret for athletes in the inland empire!  And I do know what I'm talking about...  I am trained as a Naturopathic Physician and have studied and practiced physical medicine.  I've worked in physical therapy clinics and have studied Hatha Yoga with Iyengar in Poona, India.  I've been practicing Pilates regularly for over 10 years.  Anyone who wants to either heal or prevent injuries or push their athletic limits would be wise to see Jordan at Heart Fit.  In some ways his talents are wasted on us... he could be training elite athletes to maximize their potential. "

Jordan Nichols